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**Please note that I am not currently accepting new psychotherapy patients at this time**

I am a clinical psychologist as well as a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA). I received extensive training in evidence-based treatments including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), behavior-based interventions, and parent coaching. I enjoy working with a diverse range of patients with a variety of presentations (e.g., different language levels, cognitive abilities, diagnoses). As such, I individualize all of my treatment plans to the needs of the patient or family I am working with!

Working with individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), I help support patients with a range of therapy goals. These include:

  • Reducing symptoms of anxiety or depression

  • Improving coping and self-regulation skills

  • Increasing executive functioning skills

  • Decreasing behavior challenges

  • Building social communication or social interaction skills

  • Managing transitions 

  • Securing employment, community participation, or educational opportunities

I also enjoy working with family members of individuals with ASD in a psychotherapy context. I provide support for parents/caregivers or siblings, and help build any skills that may be helpful in their daily lives.

In addition to ASD, I have extensive training in using ABA and CBT principles to help children, adolescents, and adults who have ADHD, anxiety, behavior challenges, depression, adjustment disorders, or high levels of family stress. Family-centered care is an important part of treatment, and I work closely with parents/caregivers to provide psychoeducation, parent coaching, and treatment planning support as needed.

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